Friday, July 22, 2016


Ssup guys, it's been almost two months since my last update and I didn't update last month because I was kinda busy .

Today, I'm gonna share about something quite important and cliche'. I'm gonna talk about the truth of social media and not just any social media, I'm gonna talk about my social media. As my close friends know, I have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WeChat, Whatsapp, Skype, Snapchat etc. But, I'm very active on Instagram and Twitter. That's because I'm into photography on Instagram and Twitter is a very fast and funny place. Although I'm very active on  social media , I'm not an over-sharer. An over-sharer means a person that shares basically everything that happens in their life on social media. No, I don't share everything that happens in my life on social media because I don't want to people to classify me as a social media addict or someone that's thirsty for attention. If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you will realize that I don't post pics everyday. I only post pics when I feel like doing them. I don't post pics just to make my Instagram feed nice and shit. I know some people might be thinking that I put too much pressure on myself for a 'beautiful' or 'feed goals' Instagram feed. No, I don't care about my feed at all. It's messy but as long as I'm happy with it then things are fine. Some people, even my close friends, tend to delete their older pictures on Instagram just because it's so called 'ugly' or 'not feed goals' or 'not matching my feed's current theme'. I don't do that because to me I feel like deleting my old pics is just the same as ' I don't want these memories anymore'. 

You might be thinking, why am I talking about Instagram all of a sudden. Well, let me spill it out. A few weeks ago, there was this one person that stopped me when I was going back from school, and honestly I have never seen that person before, I don't even know that person's name or where is that person from and basically that person was a stranger and that person suddenly asked me for a selfie. I asked that person 'why do you want to take a selfie, you barely know me and I barely know you' and that person replied 'No I just wanna take a selfie' and then I said 'Sorry, but I feel a lil segan', then that person replied this ;


Okay, so basically that person stalked my Instagram and what does that person meant by 'other people'  ? All those people that are present on my Instagram feed are my friends, not just any friends, most of them are family, childhood friends, and people that I'm close with. I'm frankly speaking, I don't just take selfies with random people and upload them on my Instagram to create a medium to show people that my social life is on fleek. If you wanna take a picture with me, it's okay I don't mind but be friends with me first. Honestly, I am really awkward in real life. I only talk to my close friends mostly because I'm awkward as f. You can actually ask the guy that spent 5 years sitting next to/in front of me , Aiman Ismail. He knows how awkward I am in real life. I'm not sombong or belagak and shit, it's just that I'm not comfortable with people that I don't know.

Some people are very open about their presence on social media. For example, every time there's some celebration at school for example, Raya celebration or some Hari Koko, I see some people uploading pictures with basically strangers. You can actually see the awkwardness in between them in the pictures because it's not real. They are just taking pictures to make themselves look good on social media. It's not wrong to do it but try to take pics with people that you're close with rather than strangers.

There's another thing that I discovered by myself and I felt like sharing it. Okay, I know you guys always hangout with friends and stuff right because I do that too. Usually, after hanging out with our friends, we will upload the pics that we took because it makes you happy, you don't wanna forget that day and you wanna display your true friendship goals online haha. Like after SPM ended, I went out with my friends and I uploaded some pics online. Months later, I look back at the pics and I felt plain. Because I felt like 'it wasnt a good hangout though, the movie we watched sucked and things happened' . I went out with one of my really close friends, Sasikheeran. We both watched Deadpool, played bowling, had brunch at pizza hut and I didn't even bother to take a single pic or even care to upload anything online about it and it was a really good hangout. Eventhough it was just two of us, but we talked tons of crap, watched an awesome movie, ate delicious food and spent quality time as bestfriends without the urge to display anything online. I guess sometimes you just have ignore your smartphones because things that happen in real life is what matters the most. 

So, I don't know whether you're gonna agree to my thoughts but hey, we all have freedom of speech. I know social media is a great way to communicate with friends and family but try not to be an over-sharer and upload every single meal you had, or every single selfie taken because we have to set a private space between the people online and yourself. Try not to judge people based on their presence on social media and take pictures with the people that really matters the most and always be happy.

ps; please ignore any typos or grammatical errors bc I'm lazy as f to edit
pps; I have tons of work to do but I'm still scrolling Twitter ,f
ppps; are you following me on Instagram ? If you do, is my feed 'feed goals' ? hahaha jk jk