Monday, February 01, 2016

Inspirations and Rants.

so, today is indeed a special day, it's the 1st of February and that means we are gonna go through the shortest month of the whole year and hell is approaching. Are you puzzled when I said hell's approaching? well be puzzled no more as March is gonna arrive quite soon and yes, I'm already freakin' out. Anyways, before I start talking about the results and stuffs, I just wanna say I'm currently having the time of my life. I'm free as a plankton in the Pacific Ocean and now, mother effin Big Beluga Whale is gonna swallow me 30 days from now. Isn't life beautiful and sophisticated enough for us to all plan our death day earlier. 

Yesterday, I went to the Karnival Jom Masuk U that was held at the one and only Stadium Darul Aman and yes, it was like hectic. It was like Tesco had a sale and people had only 2 minutes to grab their gluten free vege (what the hell am I talking). So, I went there around 9 in the morning and I waited for approx another 1 hour and 30 damn minutes for my another two friends to arrive then all three of us went into the carnival and I was already blur as f. First things first, I don't even have a clue what the hell I'm gonna study and what the hell I'm gonna do with my life. Yes, everyone please give a round of applause to me because I'm just weird and so not prepared. I walked like a hobo that's homeless and literally starving for a week as I braced the crowds of really annoying people. A lot of people were in there and that place was like stuffed. I finally felt the same way as a sardine. Like, from now on I promise to all sardines in the world that I feel bad for you sardines to be in an effin can for 12 months. 

I went to a couple of universities and as usual just ask some weird questions. At that exact moment I knew what I was gonna be, I knew it, I was happy, I heard firecrackers and I saw crowds cheering my name, and awards and yes, I saw myself in Youtube FanFest. If you're my friend, let me tell you a few things,you should by now know why the f I mentioned Youtube FanFest. Okay,after SPM ended, life was beautiful, I can finally know how it feels to be a Tesco plastic bag. Yes, Katy Perry yes stop asking me "do you feel like a plastic bag?' because yes I know how I feel now. I'm mentioning Tesco since just now, okay, Tesco pay me now or at least please don't effin charge me for plastic bags on Saturdays !

As you all know, how much I love Youtube and how it has become like a huge part of my life right now. I'm currently watching a lot of Youtube videos nowadays and I feel happy. I'm a huge fan of the one and only, iiSuperwomanii a.k.a Lilly Singh because she's dope. I admire her so much because the purpose of her uploading videos online because she has depression and she wants to self medicate herself and she wants people to be happy all the time. Isn't she amazing?!?! and her movie which is a documentary about her world tour is gonna be on youtubeRed this month and I'm absolutely looking forward.

Lilly Singh is only the youtuber that has created a global fan base by uploading videos, there are many others that inspire me everyday. Connor Franta is freakin awesome as hell. He is so deep and he's really good in giving life advices and he's talented in both writing and photography. Colleen Ballinger / Miranda Sings , she's the reason why I laugh everyday and she's super insprational and I love her videos and she's talented as f. Ryan Higa is the reason why I feel stupid, like have you seen his videos, like he edits it in so many mind blowing ways and I love his sense of humor. Lastly, Jenna Marbles is the reason haters should shut the f up because she has achieved so many great things and she's the most subscribed female on youtube.

All these people above achieved their success because they are doing what they love. Even though some people might disagree with me but these people are actually paving the way for the digital era by displaying their digital talent. I really hope one day I can do the same because to me , having your own youtube channel is like having your own country. You're the King, President and the people. You can talk what ever you want to talk and it's your own space and no one is allowed to change it or make a difference. I just hope one day I can make my own youtube channel and make weekly videos for people around the world.

Then after the carnival, I and my friends, we walked to city plaza and had McD for lunch and we watched a horror movie before hitting back home. Honestly, I just wanna say, throughout my whole high school years, I felt like people were constantly lying to me. It's not they are lying to me about typical stuffs but I felt they were lying to me about their life. Even though high school ended and a lot of people have already closed the book, but not me. I'm always reflecting what I did in high school and I realized that my real friends were decreasing every year till the last year. I just hope that they will live happily ever after or so. As usual, I'm going to end this update with a huge thanks to all the people that stayed with me though the thick and thin, I love you guys and bye.

p.s ; just ignore all the typos :)