Sunday, December 06, 2015

Goodbye .

so, guess what, guess what, why am I repeating this so many times and what the hell am I even doing. SPM's over. Like real over. I can finally feel the sense of freedom again although right now my eyebrows are all curved up because I feel like I just spelled the word 'freedom' wrong. Did I spell it right or wrong? I don't know nor I don't give a shit. Anyways, finally after battling for 2 years , we can at least lay our swords down for about 3 months or so.

The thing is, sincerely I hate SPM, because you wanna know why, because after SPM's over , we need to leave school, like leave leave leave leave school and I hate leaving school, I hate leaving my friends behind, and everything else. Okay, let me just sum up my high school years. In 2011, I entered SMJ as a really smart person that doesn't know what he wants to do in future and at that time I loved math. Like math was bae and we were hashtag relationship goals as f , you get what I mean. Then, since I was in 1 Intelek, I met really weird people like jihah, shahira, dan and afiq and instantly I was no longer the person I am because you wanna know why, you wanna know why, why am I repeating this, call 911 hahaha why am I laughing alone, I'm so creepy. It's because that's when I entered drama and to be honest I was such a shy person when I was in primary school despite the fact that I was a really active student, like there was this one time when I had to say the ikrar thingy during the assembly and I went on the stage and I didnt even tilt my head upwards and I just starred at the floor and just spill out my lines. 

In 2013, I was in 3 Intelek, which was clearly the best class ever. and I became really best friends with Afiqah, Syai, Azamir, Hasron and the others. Man, I really miss all of them and everything, hope we can actually do a reunion back because I really miss every one of them. Let's fast forward to the time when I made the worst decision of my entire existence when I had to choose Science stream instead of Art stream because I got good results in my PMR. I am really really weak in science, like I'm quite a slow learner when it comes to things that has calculations and shit. The entire two years of learning in Science stream made me realize that I was in the wrong lane. I was the one that was holding up the traffic in the highway, I don't know whether you got that reference but if you didn't actually get it, I'm sorry. So, I just wanna say that this is the last time I am ever going to take Science based subjects because I am weak at it and I am more language/facts kinda person, not calculative and equations related things. But anyways, I struggled for 2 years and SPM was hard, like the four hardcore subjects were hard, the other 5 teras subjects were pretty okay and some of the questions were hard. I hope I can really get good results so that I can future my studies in something that I love doing. 

Last but not least, I wanna say thank you to all my friends, like from form 1 till 5 for always staying by my side and being my pillars of strength and to all my friends that left me because I was not good enough, I just wanna say that at first it was hard for me to actually accept the fact, but then I realized that you can live without me,so can I. And shout out to all the teachers at SMJ that thought me so many different things, and changed me into the person I am now. Thanks to my Drama Team, Choral Team, Anthe Gang, Mighty Minds Team and LTS Latenight for all the support and thank you for changing my life into a really high speed roller coaster without any safety belts and no life insurance. Till we meet again SMJ and everyone.

Adios !

ps ; the header's dope right, thanks Mango / @shafiqahamira for actually wasting your precious time and making me one haha.

pps ; sorry if I didn't mention your name or anything in this post because I can't actually describe person by person because it's time consuming.